R.I.O.T. was founded in 2016 with the idea of creating a lifestyle that all people can identify with via clothing apparel. Our brand name has a meaning behind it that our family relates to

This interpretation of our brand name acronym comes from a notion that each letter has special meaning anyone can embrace no matter their background. 


The "R" is about being real genuine, sincere, and honest with yourself and others you may come across.

The "I" is about how as an individual, you are your own person and your are your own leader, true to yourself, and standing with your chin up and holding yourself to your actions.

The "O" and "T" stand for being on top. That is a victory that is earned, not given. With a variety of dreams and goals that an individual would strive for in their life should be held to their own high standards. 

We are a clothing brand that encourages one to be the best version of themselves. The clothes we produce are just physical motifs for people with strong morals and aspiration s in society. 

As a team at R.I.O.T. Lifestyle Apparel, we strive to exemplify positivity and strength with the purpose to always be a benevolent factor for the world we live in today, tomorrow, and the future.

With Heart,

R.I.O.T. Team

Darryl Riddle


Creative Director


Damani Edmonds


Lifestyle Director